Successful Telesales Appointment-Making Presentation - keep it clear!
Investing time initially will pay huge rewards in the end. Take the time you need to get your appointment-making presentation to the clearest, simplest expression of what you have to say, in the fewest number of words possible. When you do this, it will pay off generously in the improved response you will get.

1. Your opening telesales message should be short and to the point. State who you are and who you want to talk to. You do not need to launch into a full telesales presentation before you have established that you have the right person on the other end of the phone.

2. Break your telesales appointment-making presentation down into short sections. The introduction, main message and wrapping up the telesales call need to be clearly defined before you start your telesales campaign.

3. Explain the product or service simply and clearly. Your telesales lead may not have any knowledge of the particular product you are selling; keep your words straightforward without launching into a full-blown telesales presentation.

4. Telesales appointment-making calls do not need to include hard sell tactics. Keep your telesales presentation clear by leaving out the obvious sales pitch; your prospect will see right through it and you will have wasted a precious telesales lead.

5. Use everyday language in your telesales presentation. Your customer will not be impressed by a talking dictionary, and it will only confuse what you are trying to achieve during your telesales call. Keeping your words plain and simple will get your telesales message across more effectively.

6. Keep your questions clear and concise. You should know beforehand the type of questions you will need to ask during the telesales presentation. Make sure they are to the point and limit your questions to one or two at a time. Your telesales prospect will be more willing to answer them if you don't fire a whole load of questions at them all at once during the telesales appointment-making process.

7. Finish your telesales presentation with a basic summary. This will leave your prospect with a clear understanding of the next step in the process, whether it ended in a sale or a future telesales appointment.

Your telesales message does not need to be full of longwinded words and explanations for the outcome to be successful. By keeping it clear, you will find it easier to communicate with your customers and your telesales appointment-making presentation will start showing a highly improved response rate!

Source: Claudine Waskowycz link