Many businesses have embarked on telesales as a tool for their business through a "simple approach", find a telesales representative through the internet, tell them what they are after and pay a fee. It is our experience that telesales, if not handled with a "scientific" approach, does not yield results.

Here are the considerations:
Prospect: Begin by listing every type of customer available in your organization. Prioritize by what is important to you for this telesales campaign, considerations: ease of contact, size of average order, geography.

Contact: "Decision Maker Please" is not always the right way to go, they are difficult to get on the phone and often do not handle the research into the buying decision.

Data: Garbage in, garbage out. Data is the foundation of your telesales campaign; cheaper data could substantially reduce your conversion rate and greatly increase the expense of telesales.

Telesales Pitch: Here things get complicated. Best telesales representative working on the most refined data will not be able to succeed without a strong Pitch. Offering a free, no obligation next step will increase your chances of setting up an appointment. However, be carefully not to keep this to open ended to have many unqualified appointments clogging the pipeline and discouraging sales folks.

Objections: Must, must prepare telesales representatives for most common objections to ensure phone conversation is not finished prematurely. In fact, this is possibly the most overlooked step in the process, this is a surprise call and your prospects are busy professionals, they will often have multiple objections before agreeing to the next step.

Follow Up: Do your best to educate your prospect about your company, to warm up to your next step.

Track Results and Improve this Formula continuously.

Source: Adam Fridman link