The fact that more and more first time telesellers are being discouraged out of the profession is sad news for me. The reason they are being forced out of the profession is that they cannot stand the pace of change that is currently happening in the sales industry. The longer you are in telesales, the better chance you have of surviving. It is all about creating a great telesales message to get noticed!

So what is a "great" telesales message? How many of your business leads will immediately be turned off by weak telesales tactics? The key to success with your opening statement is instant impact! You need to be able to grab your prospect's attention in the first sentence, without them straight away thinking "here we go again, another boring telesales presentation". For new telemarketers - and for those who are struggling to make ends meet with telesales - starting your pitch with a good opening is essential to gain instant impact. You cannot afford to have your potential clients switch off, or become automatically defensive, as soon as you start to speak. Cheap telesales tactics are well known in the business world, and many of your prospects will have heard the same speech before.

Whether you are using a fixed script, or just a guide to help you with your telesales pitch, there are a few rules to consider when you create an instant telesales impact message:

1) Get you prospect's name right, and ask to speak to them directly;

2) Tell the person who you are, and the name of your company;

3) Give them a great reason to listen to your telesales presentation - instant impact!

4) Keep your opening sentence short and to the point.
In telesales, you only have a few valuable seconds to grab the listener's attention, so use it wisely. There is no point in launching into a full telesales sales pitch at the beginning of the conversation; you will have lost the sale already by doing this. Instead, you must draw your prospect in by giving them something you know will help their business. Leads are a precious commodity in telesales, and presentation is everything, so don't waste time by annoying the person on the other end of the phone with a long, drawn-out opening speech.

In my business, I receive telesales calls regularly. As soon as I hear "I'm about to make you an offer you can't refuse", I politely tell the caller I am not interested and hang up the phone. Since I have no idea at this stage what the offer is, I don't want to waste my time listening to another ten minutes of telesales waffle. On the other hand, I heard a great example of a telesales presentation recently. The caller introduced himself, knew my name and the nature of my business, and straight away sparked my interest by telling me what his company could offer me.

To give yourself the best chance of surviving in the telesales industry, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to create an instant telesales impact message!

Source: Claudine Waskowycz link