As a business owner or telesales manager, you are interested in raising those sales numbers. That seems logical. There are several things you can do to raise those numbers and your profits. As you continue reading this article discover 5 methods to make money through telesales training.

1. Improve communication skills for your telesales team. Your telesales reps are interested in making the highest commissions. You can help them achieve their goals by including regular telesales training for them. You can do role-playing with other telesales reps pretending to be prospects. This helps your telesales rep team become comfortable communicating with other people.

2. You could give your staff grammar lessons. This is especially helpful for telesales reps with foreign accents. A common complaint from customers who call in to customer service is that they dislike having to talk with a telesales rep they can't understand.

3. You may also offer the entire telesales staff enunciation sessions. This can help your entire telesales staff. Many of the elderly prospects that call are hard of hearing. Clear word enunciation from your telesales reps helps your elderly prospects as well.

4. Teach your telesales reps how to profile and qualify each prospect. This can save time and money for you. Describe to your telesales reps they can easily determine a buyer prospect from one obviously uninterested in your offer.

5. Create a criteria list that each and every prospect must satisfy before your telesales rep can continue on with the sales pitch. Qualifying your prospects saves you time and money and improves your productivity and conversion rates.

By: Sean Mize link