One mistake telesales professionals make is making their presentation to soon. They just can't help diving into their sales pitch once they smell an opportunity to sell. This can be fatal if the information you have gathered is not enough. Once you feel the urge to present prematurely, stop and think deeply. Ask yourself if you have already qualified the problem so you could come up with the perfect solution. Once you get past this stage, you'll be better equipped to handle the presentation part. You know which of the available options is best suited for the telesales prospect and you can provide the major benefits of your product or service.

Giving your sales recommendation is a critical part of the sales process so you have to focus on your product or service and how it can satisfy the telesales prospect's needs or solve their problem. To make your presentation more effective, personalize it so that the telesales prospect understands what your product does and what value they can get out of it.

After getting as much information about your telesales prospect in your telemarketing calls, building rapport with them, asking probing questions, and finding out their needs, wants and what they do, you think of how you call help them. Your solution usually comes in the form of many options. But do you offer all the available options? If you do, you will most likely get your telesales prospect confused. Giving too many choices crowds their mind and makes decision making difficult. It is like shopping for something new to wear - the myriad of choices available will overwhelm anyone.

The telemarketing lesson here is you have to give your telesales prospect at most two options to choose from. Telesales prospects usually feel an urgency to make an immediate decision when faced with just two options. Three or more options will be too many.

And here's the trick - when you give the two options, the last option you will mention is the one that you want your telesales prospect to take. People usually remember the latest data provided because it is what is 'imprinted' in their minds.

You can give three options to your telesales prospect but you should present it in a way that will make them ignore the two and go for the one that you want them to take, which is placed in the middle and highlighted while the other two are presented in an inferior position.

After doing all your best and you have convinced your telesales prospect that the best time to buy is NOW, get their commitment by asking for the sale!

By: Heinrich Churchill link