The pressure and stress that goes with telesales and telemarketing jobs makes absenteeism and employee turnover the biggest and most common problem faced by managers in the telesales industry.

Fatigue, back and shoulder pain, sleep disorders, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other stress-related health problems form most of the worker's compensation benefits. This expense, in addition to the high cost of recruiting and training new telesales employees, should make managers think of ways to improve working conditions for telesales professionals in order to reduce employee turnover and absenteeism.

The following suggestions should lead to a more stable and profitable telesales business.

Using ergonomically designed chairs, keyboard and other office furniture will reduce repetitive motion injuries telesales employees are exposed to as they spend most of their time sitting on their desks and navigating the computer.

The standard two 15-minute breaks provide telesales professionals the much need respite from making calls but the long hours in between are still stressful for them. Provide them a breather during those times by reminding them to stand and stretch, or do anything around their workstations just to vary their position from time to time.

Overtime work should be kept to the minimum because too much of it will be counterproductive in the long run as employees will suffer burnout.
Incentive-based programs have motivated telesales professionals to improve their productivity. Providing more exciting incentives will not only make them have a better job performance but it will also boost their morale. There are many different ways to achieve this. Ask them what kind of incentives they like aside from financial rewards.

A lot of newly hired staff would leave their telesales job after just a few days. Either they succumb to the pressure or they just realize that the nature of the work is not cut out for them. Management should use strict guidelines in selecting new staff. They should also be provided with proper training during which they will be informed of their duties and responsibilities and other things that are expected of them as telesales professionals.

The usual training provided to employees as newbies should be supplemented with additional training regularly to make them better equipped to handle their job.

Aside from the usual health benefits, providing additional perks will make telesales professionals feel that they are valued as employees. Discounts and freebies to more local establishments are just some of the perks that they need.

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