After Generation X (those who were born between the years 1965 to 1979), the workforce in contact centers and other telesales and telemarketing businesses is now heavily joined by members of Generation Y, also called Millennials (those who were born in 1980 and onwards).

To these new breed of individuals working as telesales professionals, the traditional telesales management technique and sales training may not be applicable. This poses a little problem to the management as the Millennials will be working in harmony with the mature generation, the Baby Boomer generation and Generation Xers.

Being the youngest generation in the mixture, the Millennials have gained a reputation for being poor when it comes to work ethics and setting expectations that are too high or unrealistic.

But the Millennials posses a lot of positive traits that, when exploited well, can be used to the advantage of the business. Aside from being well-educated and technologically savvy, they are energetic, individualistic and full of optimism. Their individuality stands out in their field of work and they are expected to be successful in the telesales world as in any undertaking.
The challenge then is how management will adjust the telesales and telesales management strategies that have been in place to take advantage of the strengths of Millennials to the sales workforce.

Management should take a look into the following perspectives and make the necessary changes to meet the needs of the Millennials.
Setting challenges. Millennials have a competitive nature. It is how they are brought up. Telesales management can take advantage of this by setting goals that allow them to compete individually as well as a team. The goals should be matched with exciting rewards to heighten their interests.

It is a common practice for management to provide rewards to top sales performers. The usual prizes are gift certificates that can be used in various local establishments and other exciting products. Most of the Millennials are likely to own the latest technological gadgets. To make the incentive program more appealing, a trip to a summer getaway as the top prize is one that they can't resist.

Fun atmosphere
Millennials are an energetic lot. Their being hard working should be equally matched with opportunities for fun and relaxation. Giving them a fun atmosphere is a great way to provide them with an outlet for their creative side. Charity work, socials, excursions and other similar events will help boost their morale, inspire them to become better telesales employees and give them a well-rounded personality.

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