Good telesales and telemarketing practice dictates that you have to spend most of your time listening to your telesales prospect in your sales call. This underscores how important listening is when in telesales. Let's see how you can maximize your time doing your part in listening actively and effectively to get more sales.

Are you responding appropriately? Your telesales prospect does not see you so he does not see what you are trying to convey with your body language or eye contact to show that you are really listening. You have to make up for this limitation by responding verbally. You can say "That's interesting" or "I see". Responses such as these let your telesales prospect know that you are listening. Vary your responses. Using the same one throughout will make you sound "phony". The person on the other end of the line will not feel that you are sincere. Saying something like "keep going", is the equivalent of nodding in agreement to the person on the other end of the line.

Employ the tried and tested statements that show empathy and make the telesales prospect see that you listen and care. Examples are: "I can see why you're upset" or "I can understand how that must be very frustrating to you." Statements like these let people know that you understand the emotions that they are experiencing. By being sensitive to what they are feeling, you establish rapport until you succeed in gaining their trust.

Do you seem to get distracted when you try to listen? Or your mind just can't seem to focus on what your telesales prospect is saying. Listening 100% of the time can be hard to do especially when you talk to a lot of customers on the phone throughout the day. If you feel that you are having one of those difficult times, try to step up your listening ability by putting all distractions in the background and focusing on what the telesales prospect is saying in such a way that you see what they see and feel what they feel with every single word that they say. In other words, you are putting yourself in your telesales prospect's shoes and see the world through their eyes.

You can even step up your listening ability at a higher level. This is where you are able to attune your senses and harmonize it with that of your telesales prospect. You will find yourself intuitively "knowing" your telesales prospect. Without much effort, simply know things about your telesales prospect without them telling you, and your instinct tells you that you are right. When you encounter situations like these, just trust your instinct.

By: Heinrich Churchill link