Unless you have already made a name for yourself and your business, you need to let the consumer base know that you are there to serve them. This is one of the main reasons why telesales exists. A telesales agent's job is to initiate contact with people who can be converted to a sale. You know how annoying it can be when someone calls you in the middle of your dinner just to hear someone on the other end talk about the advantages of applying for a credit card.

Your personal feelings aside, you cannot deny that telesales is an essential aspect of a business. It helps them maintain a customer base and while expanding their market. If you do not have a telesales staff, you are missing out on a lot of other opportunities. Some people may be looking for the kind of service that you deliver but do not know you because you haven't a done a lot of marketing. Telesales is just that - marketing done by telephone.

While the image of telemarketers are that of annoying people that give you unwanted phone calls, their purpose are simply to increase awareness. Yes, there are some that can be really persistent, but what they're trying to do is give you information so you can compare their services to that of your current provider; if you have one. Do not let your personal perception of telesales get in the way of your judgment. Every business needs a sales team.

Even the largest multi-nation companies have telemarketers doing cold calls to thousands of people each day. You may think that since these companies are big enough and well known, people can warm up to their telemarketers easily. Actually, if you just have a good telesales team, you can be just as efficient in prospecting customers as the bigger guys. You may think that these companies are well-off enough that they can train their agents pretty well. The truth is, most of their call centers are outsourced.

Inbound and outbound call centers can be, and are usually, outsourced. Some companies may have their telesales team onshore, and have a customer call center offshore. The point is they outsource so as for it to be cheaper.

Telesales isn't exclusive to residential customers. It exists between businesses as well. These teams are also generally outsourced. Companies such as Jump Start Revenue provide various services related to contacting customers and business to business telesales.

Source: Robert B Barrie