The telephone has made prospecting so much easier. For the telesales professional, prospecting should always be part of their telesales, telemarketing and cold calling because it is the quickest way to make new businesses and generate more sales.

The world outside is constantly changing and a telesales professional should never stop learning and prospecting. So that you will be well-equipped when cold calling, always seek new ideas. Every day is an opportunity to learn and grow. The following telesales tips should help you with that.

Have a telesales quality list. The outcome of your telesales prospecting depends to a great extent on the telesales quality of your list. It should have a high degree of accuracy so that you will not waste your time calling the wrong people. A good source for such a list is a list brokerage firm. You may have to pay a premium but the benefits you get should outweigh the cost.

Leave a voice mail if it seems you are unable to talk to the decision maker. Make sure the message you leave is well prepared, one that will arouse the interest of the decision maker and make them call you back.

Handle gatekeepers with care. Gatekeepers can be a tough nut to crack if you see them as obstacles. You don't have to fight them or argue with them; it will only make things more difficult for you. Turn them into an ally by befriending them. Treat them with courtesy and respect and they will help you get the sale that you need.

After getting past the getter keeper, make sure that the person you are talking too is the decision maker. He may turn out to be just an 'influencer'. Before you make your telesales presentation to the wrong person and waste your precious time, qualify the prospect first.

Set expectations. When talking with the decision maker, you might get carried away trying to make a good impression. Resist the tendency to make any concessions or promises if you are not sure you can provide it.

Be reminded that the decision maker in small-to-medium sized businesses is usually the owner. So watch out for small-to-medium sized businesses on your list because you should only be talking to its owner.

Always start your day prospecting. Prioritizing your prospecting will give you the momentum that you need to reach your goals.

Follow up your prospects. If you are calling your prospects at the wrong time, make sure that you make timely follow ups. They could be just the ones who will give you new businesses.

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