If you are considering becoming a telesales representative either as a career or a temporary job, I would like to offer you some things to consider.
Most telesales representatives are not really salespeople at all. They are script readers who are expected to add a human voice to the script which has been written by a high pressure artist. Then they are offered up to the marketplace as cannon fodder.

Telesales representatives are generally very poorly paid and virtually never trained as salespeople. But it gets worse. Telesales representatives are usually not trained to deal with the rejection and personal abuse they will surely encounter while doing their jobs. The public considers the telesales representative at the bottom of the heap when it comes to salespeople.
Many people try telesales as a way to break into selling. Regrettably, for most, it is a selling career stopper rather than a career starter. Working in telesales is one of the fastest ways I can think of to have your self esteem battered and bruised. That might explain why the industry turnover of telesales employees is so high.

My question to anyone looking to telesales as a career or even a shorter term job would be, "Why"?

Why be under paid?
Why be abused?
Why not learn to be a professional salesperson?

Selling can be a very rewarding and very lucrative career. It can build self esteem and provide for all you would want materially. That is, if you learn the skills properly. Great salespeople aren't born, they learn their craft. It doesn't take long either with the right knowledge. And the good news is; it need not be too costly an investment to be on your way.

There are some great training programs and books available. Acquire the skills that will serve you for a lifetime. I might be a little biased, but I invite you to check out what I have to offer you because getting paid is good!

Source: Jim Masson link