Telesales is a worldwide proven method to gaining more sales effectively and efficiently. It involves the process of calling up potential prospects and trying to sell them your product or service. As well as contacting new potential clients it is a method of contacting your existing customers and selling them other or new products or services that you offer.

Telesales is the next stage in your sales campaign after you have generated leads (not covered in this article) and the effectiveness depends on how you and your staff hold yourselves on the phone and how you come across. A major factor in telesales is how you come across to the prospect on the phone because a lazy rude telesales representative will never make it in the industry.

Right now let's get on to some tips that will help you increase your sales and potentially maximize your telesales campaign.

Firstly when you make a call to a prospect you have very little time to grab their attention and give them a good impression to keep them on the line. If you want to make a good impression you will need to plan your calls carefully and get yourself prepared to take on the challenge. You will need to be nice and friendly and enthusiastic on the phone and give the pitch of a lifetime every time. You need to keep the prospects interest and try to get them involved, this is how telesales work...

Try and keep your office and/or desk tidy and clean so as to not distract you from the call you are making, also try and make sure that it doesn't have anything from your lunch break on or magazines etc as these may not seem distracting but can really put you off course. Telesales can be tiring work so you will not want to be distracted as it can completely throw you off.

Before you start you are going to need a script for you to read off of each time, you can experiment with these and change them to find out which one has the best effect of prospects. The good thing about scripts is that you can always change them and it is always good to not read directly from the script but to work off of it and expand it as you go, this way you will be able to work out the best telesales method for you.

Also remember that you should not be practicing or warming up on real prospects as these can result in petty sale losses which should not have occurred. If you really need to warm up and prepare yourself which you most likely will, the best way of doing this is to get somebody to run through the script with you or play the role of a prospect before you start your rounds. Telesales can be a harsh business where prospects can be rude or aggressive down the phone to you, if this occurs you must be able to control yourself and handle the matter professionally, so always be prepared for any outcome.

Always keep records of your daily calls and make sure that write down who you called and whether successful or not as from these results you can see prospect patterns which you will be able to work from in future to enhance your sales.

Also the last tip for this article is to make sure that you ask questions to the prospect to try and find out what they want and then offer your products or services accordingly. If you try to tell the prospect what they need and try to force the product or service you can pretty much guarantee no sale is going to happen.

I hope that these tips have helped you and that you use the effectively.

Source: Tony Savour link