Telesales service is the most prevailing, comfortable, vibrant, helpful marketing communication mantra. They conduct surveys via telephone for all sizes and labels of the companies. Many outsourcing companies offer this service and help companies to launch a new product. This really helps in targeting an area that needs improvement.

Most of the BPO clients see it as simple and easy way to do marketing over the phone. While conducting these marketing and sales program, these BPO companies follow a planned approach and introduce constant improvement in their marketing and promotion programs. These marketing services provided by call centers are effective to improve service levels and sales both. The promote products, spread brand awareness and at reduced overall marketing costs.

It works effectively in many cases to combine sales efforts with telesales activities. These services are one of the effective alternate for direct sales in companies that sell low value products. BPO companies offer their clients a very professional sales experience. A telesales service makes your research faster and easier.

Indian call centre companies have learned to follow an effective telesales system. A telephone contact is made with not only an aim to increase sales but also to promote product and create awareness. A research has taken place to fathom the efficiency of this marketing tool, only to reveal that placing orders over phone is a preferred way to filling forms, for most of the customers.

Telesales has grown to be popular and effective as a marketing tool. More and more businesses and enterprises are implying this method for its sales effectiveness and efficiency. Many large business groups in US, UK and Canada outsource their telesales operations to outsourcing firms in India. This type of outsourcing arrangements helps these master companies to concentrate more on their core business activities.

There are four types of telesales services; like outbound telesales, business to consumer telesales, automated telesales and business to business telesales. This has proved to be an effective tool for improved customer response rate and sales.

Mainly, telesales services can be divided under two categories inbound and outbound telesales services. Any established BPO firm offering telesales services would conduct business to business telesales, business to consumer telesales and automated marketing.

Some of the common telesales services include voice broadcasting, call answering service, appointment setting, sales generation, order processing etc.

The outbound call center services include phone calls to prospects or regular customers through an agent. This type of telesales services are used for lead generation, appointment fixing, broadcast, cross selling and sometimes up selling too.

A big advantage that telesales services brings to its users companies is that 24/7 and 365 days availability. This kind of BPO service helps you to cater the concerns of your customers, understand their complaints and satisfy their quest.

The easy flexibility of telesales services is one of the facilities that allow you to adjust and make any experiment with the on-going marketing trend. It serves you with great opportunity to communicate with customers, relate to their needs, earn their faith and improve business prospects. Telesales services is set to achieve a $480 billion venture by the end of the year 2009.

Source: Mukesh Maheshwari link