Telesales Techniques
Selling face to face is different from telesales. The main role of a telesales person is to generate sales either from incoming calls or by outbound calling. In some the objective is to make appointment and in others it is to make appointments for the direct sales force.

There are key personal qualities that are essential for telesales work
1. Self Motivation
2. Determination
3. Sense of Humour
4. Self Esteem
5. Professionalism
6. Enthusiasm
7. Persistence
8. Flexibility
9. Quick thinking
10. Thick skinned

The Customer judges the company by
1. How quickly the telephone is answered
2. Initial Greeting
3. The voice of the telesales person

These 3 creates an impression in the mind of the caller. Many customers judge the company and its products by the way the call is handled. We can influence a Customer to do business with your Company by learning and applying a few simple rules. When we use the telephone professionally we create the climate in which new customers want to do business with, and existing customers want to continue to do business.

Our job becomes more and more rewarding as customers respond positively to a more professional approach. The easiest way to start selling on the telephone is to consider the customer, their needs, preference, and emotions. You have to develop a Positive Mental Attitude. Treat each customer as the most important person. Always think to yourself that they are doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do business. Never argue with the customer. Know your customers as well as the products.

Sales and Service are the two sides of the same coin. So any company that wants to be successful you need extremely good telesales people who have great customer service skills. Satisfying customers is actually about meeting their needs. As a Service giver you are faced with challenge of meeting their needs.

Good service is meeting people's needs in a way that exceeds their expectations. Your goal is to Serve the Customer at all times.

Selling is all about helping people to buy. The more you try to sell the less people will likely to buy. Never sell, help people make good decisions. People buy for variety of reasons. So it is your responsibility to meet their expectations. People do not buy a product or service. They buy what a product or service can do for them. People do not buy features they buy benefits.

As a telesales person you should know the following
1. Know what your product can do.
2. Believe in what you are selling.
3. Find out what the Customer wants.
4. Share the Customer's point of view.
5. Find the Solution to his problem.

The telesales Process at a glance
1. Structure a telesales Plan, Set telesales Objectives, Use Structure, Preparation.
2. The first 30 to 40 seconds is very important. As the time is very limited you have to quickly move to the next stage, that is creating a sale. Once you have got the initial information, you need to quickly present solutions and benefits.
3. Building opportunities, Building rapport, identifying the problem, finding a solution.
4. Offer Solutions
5. Sell Benefits
6. Handle questions
7. Handle objections
8. Ask for commitment
9. Confirm details

The telephone is a necessary evil to communicate and to do business with.

By: Winston Saga