Telesales services have normally been associated with the cold call and the hard sell during inconvenient times. However, the role of telesales services has changed to fit with the times and these firms now offer a range of smart services to help businesses with all of their marketing needs. Along with using the offer of a free listing in a marketing directory to get the word out on your business, hiring a telesales services supplier to help with your marketing needs is a very clever way to build your brand.

Branding is the one thing that businesses have to do in order to stay competitive and viable in our cut-throat business environment. Unless people know who you are and what you sell or what you stand for, there is very little chance to gaining any kind of market share. Unless your product or service is entirely new and needed, your business will have to build its brand and will have to find a way of getting consumers to think of your company first when they need whatever it is you sell - and that is where telesales companies come in.

Telesales services can be hired to run a sales campaign, but they can also be used for market research purposes. The sophisticated scripts that are used by savvy marketers no longer exclude the consumer in the conversation. Instead, it is a two-way dialogue where the telesales agent will ask the consumer questions about what they think and how they feel. In this manner, not only will the agent be gleaning very useful information for your company, but they will be creating an association in the consumers' head between your product or service and your company.

Using a free listing in a marketing directory is also a very good way of getting exposure and publicity for your business. While telesales services suppliers are a good idea on one level, they do cost money and they only target a very narrow section of the population. However, a free listing in an online marketing directory is available to the global consumer market. Not only will your business be targeting your immediate city, your business name will be seen by whoever looks up the marketing directory to look for services or products similar to yours. When they do, they will automatically see your company's name and an association will be created in their minds between your company and those services or products.

Telesales services can also be used as a call center. You can hire the service to field all of your company calls afterhours or to pick up the slack during busy times of the year. Furthermore, if needed you can hire the telesales services supplier to act as a receptionist for your company and to field calls to the proper people. Telesales services can help a business grow in so many ways. By helping a business build a brand and to get their name known, telesales services suppliers are a boon to businesses everywhere.

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