Are you a business owner who wants to use telesales to increase your sales? If so, you must tread carefully because this marketing approach does have the potential to backfire. When it comes to using this business marketing approach, keep these helpful does and don'ts in mind.

DO consider doing some research to find viable telesales leads. For example, say you run a local snowplowing business. Your targeted market is likely individuals who live in the country and have long driveways. For that reason, you don't want to waste your time contacting those who live in the city and can shovel their driveways or even park on the street. You might want to grab a phonebook and a map and then decide who to call. Finding viable leads before telesales will improve your success rate.

DON'T call during important times. If you intend to use telesales as a way to generate telesales leads, put yourself in the shoes of the person getting that call. When do you not want to be bothered? Three times automatically come in mind: early in the morning, at dinner time, and late at night. So don't call during these times. If you are doing marketing for an online business, be sure to keep time zones in mind when calling potential leads in another state or country.

DO have a plan in place before making your calls. It is okay to pause and say "hmm" or "uumm" when talking with friends or family, but it sounds unprofessional when making business calls. While you don't necessarily need to have a script to read from, do take notes on a few talking points. This eliminates any potentially embarrassing or awkward moments.

DON'T jump right into the telesales pitch. Yes, your goal is to take a lead and convert it into an actual sale. However, many business owners find luck when starting out on a semi-personal level. So instead of saying "hey would you like a really great deal on snowplowing," take the time to introduce yourself, state where you are from, your business name, and then mention the reason you are calling At that point, you can begin to get into your telesales pitch.

DO provide your name and contact information at the end of a phone call. Right away, you are going to find out that half of your phone calls are going to result in a hang up or an immediate "no thanks." So what should you do?
Don't push it, but consider ending the phone call on a "Thank you for your time; just in case you change your mind, I can be reached at XXX-XXXX."
You aren't applying too much pressure, but are leaving your contact information just in case, which is always recommended.

You just got some great tips on telesales to generate telesales for your business (local or online). Did you know that classified websites are a great way to get phone numbers and email addresses?

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