Forget what you think telesales is and embrace the reality that it is used by the largest companies in the world to introduce new products, gauge customer satisfaction and schedule qualified sales appointments.

Today's telesales is the purest form of direct marketing and direct marketing is the shortest distance between two points for business success. With the overload of messages crashing into consumers, a clear voice that rises above the din must be found. Telesales is that voice.

To be sure, there are a few firms that still practice boiler room telesales tactics of days gone by. The majority, however, are professional organizations committed to your complete success.

When hiring a telesales firm, look for very specific attributes:

Knowledgeable, well-spoken company representatives
Expertise in telling your story
Excellence in building the right list of qualified telesales prospects to call
No long-term contract
A non-disclosure, confidentiality agreement
Clear and understandable campaign reporting
Open, meaningful communication
Establishment of goals and measurement tools
Interaction between your sales and management team and the professional telemarketers
Pricing that is clear and fair
The ability to analyze, test and refocus campaigns for your maximum result

If you sell any product or service, and want to put it in the hands of your best telesales prospects, you should use telesales professionals. If you have a customer base and want to build loyalty and repeat business you should use telesales professionals. The investment will pay for itself many times over and become the centerpiece of your direct marketing strategy.

Source: Brian Grinonneau link