In the early days, telesales agents were considered highly annoying and had very little sales opportunity. However, nowadays, the telesales industry is thriving; there has been a significant rise for the need of telesales companies, including the demand for hundreds of outsourced call centers all over the world.

By having outsourced call centers, many companies are saving money. As many in house telesales teams are too costly. Therefore they are able to do outbound calls for a fraction of the price. The staff from the outbound call centers are regularly trained and updated with all the latest product offerings, and are frequently trained in skills of wooing the customer. Because of these outbound outlets, telesales has become one of the most effective direct sales techniques.

Telesales companies, previously known as the 'cold calling experts, used to cold call potential clients, at the most inappropriate times of the day. They didn't have any background information on any of the clients they were ringing, so they had no idea whether these people would be interested or not. This is how they had such a bad reputation, and why so many people used to cut them off.

The expansion of the internet, has allowed telesales agents to grow with the changing times. There are now multiple ways of contacting potential clients. Instead of going for the hard direct sale which they were so formally known for, they now have a much softer approach. Telesales agents now build relationships with their potential clients, and have conversations with them, rather than selling straight away; having much more of a personal touch. Instead of calling every person in the directory like they used to; they now have more information on each individual client before they offer their products. Telesales agents can now make sure the client is interested in what they are offering before they even call, therefore increasing the rate of sales.

The surge of telesales companies in demand; just shows how telesales has become an extremely effective sales technique, proving that they're finally being recognized as an exceptionally successful sales outlet for many companies.

Source: Louise Gandolfi link