Telesales is a precarious business. Many have attempted, some have failed and a lot have also succeeded. One of the most challenging aspects of telephone marketing is appealing to customers or prospects who most likely have no idea about your business or what it is that you do. You must start off a campaign with a substantial list of potential prospects and rid of all those who are not likely to buy. Telecommerce may seem like a simple business, but in reality it is quite demanding. For those who are committed, with good customer relation skills, and are willing to adapt to an ever-changing market, it can be profitable.

In order to be successful at telesales, there are things you should consider:
Strategic targeting. Determine the demographics of the people you would like to target for your product or service. You can also use information on your current customers. Be creative in drawing their attention from the start. DO NOT, under any circumstance, manipulate. Rather than exploiting, evaluate the market and identify individuals or companies who might be interested in what you are offering.

Work with your telesales team. Whether in-house or outsourced, work with your telesales staff to determine how the campaign is fairing. Use what is working and toss what is not. Do not be afraid to commit mistakes in the process because the only way to develop your marketing ability is to conduct a little experimentation here and there. Hear what the customers or prospects have to say and respond to their needs. Customers have different needs and it is important to understand that a single approach does not work for all them. Avoid being overzealous to the point of being forceful and too aggressive.

Develop a strong brand message. Tell the customers or potential customers the advantages of having your product or service. Avoid an onslaught of sales pitches because this turns customers away. Tell them how your offerings can be beneficial to them or their companies but do not rush them into deciding. This is your chance to provide them a callback number or your company website. Deal with rejection professionally and move on to the next call. If they say they need time to decide then make a note of their information and perform a timely follow-up. Observe professional courtesy. Ask if they have any questions.

Direct customers to your website. A lot of people have grown suspicious of telesales calls so establish your credibility by referring them to your website or having them check with the Better Business Bureau. The importance of your website cannot be downplayed. Refer customers or prospects to individuals or companies you've previously done business with through success stories or testimonials in your website. Create a list of positive references. Make sure that your website contains all the necessary information people or businesses may need in case they are interested.

Reward your telesales team. The success of your telesales efforts would depend significantly on your sales team. If your telesales reps are highly-motivated to work, they are more likely to perform well and produce good results. Incentives are good motivators. Reward your top agents and have new representatives listen to them and observe how they call. This will give the newbie s pointers and good strategies to apply in their calls.

Source: Anne Geller link