Telesales people have always been prone to various illnesses and health problems due to the stress of working in graveyard and rotating shifts.

Telesales Management cannot take the risk of having any of their valued telesales representatives absent due to health reasons so ingenious ways have been devised to achieve a perfect attendance. Yet, somehow someone falls with some sort of malady someway.

It is wise to remind telesales professionals how important their health is. Sometimes they work too much, do things that are detrimental to their health and fail to get the proper nourishment and rest their body needs because of the demands of their job.

From time to time, remind telesales people to:

1. Get enough rest. Having the right amount of sleep will recharge your bodies and get you ready for another challenging day in cold calling and telesales. Surround yourself with comfortable things and think of beautiful thoughts to help you drift to dreamland. Do not oversleep or you'll feel lethargic instead of rejuvenated.

2. Eat right. Sometimes you don't have a choice but to go for things that are instant because of your busy telesales lifestyle. You may be taking too much instant noodles and other 'instant' products'. Before you overload your body with toxins from those 'unnatural' foods you are eating, make an effort to eat healthy food. Vegetables and salad should be part of your daily diet and resist the urge to touch anything instant.

3. Drink water regularly. Make it a habit even though you don't really feel thirsty. Water is a wonderful therapy that cleanses your system. Avoid taking alcoholic drinks or caffeine.

4. Have regular exercise. Few people appreciate the health benefits of exercise. You need to exercise to strengthen your physique and overall health no matter what your age. It is not an activity exclusive to athletes. You don't need to go to the gym or buy those expensive exercise equipments advertised on television. There are simple exercises that contribute a lot to your well being. Walking, jogging, and swimming are just few of the exercises that you can do anytime. Indulging in sports such as badminton is also a good exercise.

5. Pamper yourself. You deserve a break after working very hard. Treat yourself by having a relaxing massage to soothe your bodily aches away and get rid of stress.

6. Encourage team-building activities. Having the entire team go on outings is a great way to foster camaraderie among team members. This respite from work will give telesales people renewed vigor when they go back to work.

Source: By: Heinrich Churchill link