Is your business looking for another way to save money? In these uncertain economic times, many businesses are looking for ways to weather the economic storm. Outsourcing your telesales services can be a very effective way to increase profits and reduce cost.

How can outsourcing telesales benefit your company?

In-house Downsizing

A lot of companies are trying to cut costs by moving parts of their business offshore. Almost any function of your business can be outsourced at considerable savings. This allows your company to cut overheads as well as salaries and in some cases insurance costs. Additional tax savings can also be realized by outsourcing your telesales staff.

Reduced Training and Telecommunications Costs
By using an outside staff to handle the telephones, answer sales calls and to provide customer support and upsell, you can reduce training charges for your employees. Another advantage is that professional telesales representatives will typically have higher quality skills than someone you have hired locally. You will also benefit from greatly reduced telecommunication costs as the volume of your calls will now be handled outside the company.

Lead Generation and Better Conversions
When using an outsourced telesales company, in most cases you will tap into companies that have more refined telephone skills than companies that have in-house telesales staff. Since telesales companies are hiring for and support multiple companies, they bring skills that they could not have acquired by working for only your company. This typically results in higher lead generation and better lead conversion than you'd get with in-house employees.

More Cost-effective Scaling
Lastly, if your company is growing rapidly, outsourcing your telesales can help with scaling your growth. As your company grows, you will not need to hire additional staff, or lease additional office space. You simply call your outsourcing company and they will adjust to meet your needs. In fact, as your company grows, your telesales costs should scale more evenly than they did when you had telesales staff in-house.

One thing you want to keep in mind when outsourcing is the communication barrier. When going offshore, make sure you talk with some of the potential telesales agents to make sure there are no communication barriers. The last thing you want to do is to hire a company that can't communicate with your customers or potential customers. The savings just aren't worth it.

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