Seminar Outline:

Selling to international prospects and accounts provides distinct challenges that many domestic-based telesales reps are poorly equipped to face. Unlike the United States where telesales-based sales activities have become more prevalent, many international accounts in Europe, Central and South America and Asia are more comfortable with the familiar, face-to-face sales process that they are accustomed to. Often, international account contacts find the telesales process to be too impersonal and not conducive to relationship building or the reinforcement of long-term joint partnerships. Both experienced telesales reps and those who are relatively new to selling on an international scale can benefit from various strategies and sales skills to increase their effectiveness on the telephone. Our International Phone Sales & Account Management Skills training workshop is designed to teach proven strategic sales skills while keeping the particular needs of serving the international market in mind.

Designed as a highly interactive yet informative session on the nuances of selling on an international scale, International Phone Sales & Account Management Skills focuses on understanding cultural differences, needs and changing business environments, and time-tested methodologies and telesales skills that can be implemented when selling to overseas customers and clients. Regardless of whether an account is comfortable with the telesales process or expresses anxiety over not having the opportunity to meet face-to-face for an initial discussion, the concepts taught in this class will help guide the sales process and empower telesales reps to rebuild essential rapport and trust. Participants will understand and practice time-tested telesales skills via a series of videotaped interactive role plays that enable participants to integrate new skills on the job. Instructor lectures and peer-driven feedback sessions, individual planning activities and group exercises all enable participants to absorb new sales skills and become more effective in their telesales role immediately.

Seminar Objectives:

Participants in the International Phone Sales & Account Management Skills training seminar will experience/learn to:

  • Understand cultural differences and how they affect international sales
  • Steer clear from faux-pas and mistakes that can derail the telesales process
  • Utilize knowledge of business environments in other countries to win more deals
  • Adjust their interactions based on the different factors that affect buyer behavior
  • Realize that behavior types span different countries and cultures
  • Establish rapport and build chemistry during the telesales process
  • Utilize telesales strategies to improve personal sales skills and activities
  • Understand how various external factors can affect buyer behavior
  • Defuse conflict and handle the most unreasonable customers
  • Reduce customer discomfort with the telesales process
  • Determine stress factors, attitudes and priorities
  • Identify problem areas and potential solutions
  • Create personal Feature, Advantage, Benefit statements to offer solutions
  • Work with others in the sales organization to handle international buyers
  • Overcome customer reactions to cold calls
  • Handle sales objections and turn them into positive sales opportunities
  • Deal with slower contract approval times and longer sales cycles
  • Adjust to the less stringent time requirements found in some countries
  • Turn more interactions into closed sales

On-Site Telemarketing Training: can be tailored to the needs of client organization and delivered on-site at time and location of client choice.

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