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Customer Objection Resolution Telemarketing Skills

Perhaps one of the most difficult and frustrating aspects of being a Telemarketing rep in today s challenging business environment is that of having to deal with multiple objections from the individuals who wield buying power. Granted, objections are nothing new to the sales industry. Dealing with obstacles and objections has always been part of any Telemarketing and telemarketers sales process. Yet, given the tougher times that many businesses have faced today, uncovering and overcoming buyer objections is now more important than ever if Telemarketing reps plan on increasing sales numbers and improving closing ratios. This skill is also key to enabling Telemarketing reps to overcome performance issues like call reluctance. Question-driven strategies must be implemented to improve telephone sales success and build numbers towards quota. Our one-day Customer Objection Resolution Tele-selling Skills training workshop is designed to help new and seasoned Telemarketing reps overcome the most common sales objections uncovered during the sales process. 

Designed as a highly interactive eight hour workshop, our Customer Objection Resolution Tele-selling Skills training program was created to deliver time-tested Telemarketing methodologies that enable telemarketing, Telemarketing and senior level sales reps to move past objections and move towards closed sales. Utilizing a consultative approach to selling, questioning skills can be used to uncover hidden motives, interests and other factors that influence buyers to use objections to stall the sales process. Telemarketing reps who attend Customer Objection Resolution Tele-selling Skills will learn new sales skills via interactive role plays that enable participants to practice and apply sales skills into their territory. Feedback sessions and peer-driven discussions allow participants to learn from the sales experiences of other Telemarketing reps. Account and territory analysis activities are utilized during the day to allow Telemarketing reps to build objection resolution action plans that can be implemented immediately on the job. 

Customer Objection Resolution Tele-selling Skills participants will learn to:

  • Understand the needs and requirements of different buyer types
  • Utilize Telemarketing strategies to improve the ability to overcome objections
  • Focus on the advantage of long-term value over price-based objections
  • Understand how various external influences can stall the sales process
  • Establish rapport and build chemistry during the Telemarketing process
  • Build relationships to minimize objections during sales calls
  • Apply consultative sales skills to determine attitudes, situations and priorities
  • Uncover hidden meanings and influencers behind objections
  • Adjust their Telemarketing approach based on buyer discussions
  • Identify customer needs and potential solutions
  • Use questioning skills to uncover opportunities to sell more value
  • Create personal Feature, Advantage, Benefit statements 
  • Understand all components of the Telephone Selling Process
  • Recognize the most common objections faced during cold calls
  • Realize that different stages in the sales process have different objections
  • Close a higher percentage of Telemarketing opportunities

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