We offer phone based sales training seminars in a private in-house format at the location of the customers choice. Public courses are also regularly scheduled as well across the United States and are available in Iowa cities like Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Sioux City, and Davenport.

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University Fundraising and Telemarketing Skills (Half-Day Seminar)

Recent economic times and budgetary shortfalls in states across the country have caused far too many institutions of higher learning to feel the pinch of decreased alumni contributions. For public universities, serious state deficits have caused governments in states like California and Texas to cut back on the amount of public funds they provide to university systems within their borders. Private universities have suffered as well as economic difficulties have caused many private donors to cut back on charitable giving and endowments that are the lifeblood of a university. Increased Telemarketing and telesales strategies must be put in place to enable both public and private universities to increase alumni donations so as to continue to provide educations for tomorrow s leaders. Ultimately, every telephone call to or from an individual department or the university itself must be treated as a sales call as universities must sell themselves to valuable alumni. University Fundraising and Telemarketing Skills training program is an effective half-day workshop designed to put into practice the most effective telesales strategies that enable universities and alumni organizations to increase charitable giving.

Structured as an instructive but fast-pace half-day training workshop, University Fundraising and Telemarketing Skills provides proven methodologies that enable new or experienced telesales fundraisers to implement new skills immediately on the job. Both dedicated full-time professionals and students who volunteer their time for fundraising efforts can benefit from this course. Interactive exercises enable participants to learn how to open and guide telephone conversations so as to sell the importance of alumni giving. A series of exercises, activities and peer-driven roundtable sessions reinforce the learning process and bring telesales strategies to life in the classroom environment. Additional time is spent learning skills to deal with the apprehension and cold call reluctance often faced by many full-time university employees. By the end of the session, participants will have learned how to put to use effective telesales selling skills to use for the universities and colleges they represent.

University Fundraising and Telemarketing Skills program participants will learn to:

  • Overcome the apprehension faced when contacting alumni and donors
  • Increase call volume to improve alumni giving
  • Understand how to deal with different customer situations
  • Recognize the factors that affect donor behavior
  • Work with the customer needs one faces in any telesales situation
  • Apply questioning skills to determine alumni attitudes, situations and priorities
  • Identify areas of concern and potential solutions
  • Assess personal sales performance after the call
  • Overcome non-cooperative alumni
  • React to fundraising calls that end with a request for more information
  • Establish rapport and build chemistry
  • Handle objections 
  • Overcome disinterested parties
  • Defuse conflict and unreasonable situations
  • Understand how telesales selling skills can be applied to university fundraising

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