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Telemarketing Strategies for Pharmaceutical Reps

Recent changes in Federal legislation, the increasing number of pharmaceutical companies promoting new products, the consumer propensity to opt for generic products and a rise of venture capital investment in the biotech field has caused the pharmaceutical industry to become more competitive than ever. Larger pharmaceutical companies and more products cause sales reps to have to work harder and more effectively to gain the trust and mind share of the physicians and other healthcare professionals they serve. Entry level sales reps and seasoned account executives must put into place effective sales strategies to enable them to increase sales numbers and protect their territory from competitive products. Our Telemarketing Strategies for Pharmaceutical Reps sales training workshop is designed to provide strategic sales skills while keeping the particular needs of the pharmaceutical industry in mind. 

Mirroring the fast-paced, challenging and highly interactive environment found in the pharmaceutical industry, our full-day Telemarketing Strategies for Pharmaceutical Reps program focuses on the ability to sell new and more profitable pharmaceutical products to new and existing physicians and healthcare professionals. Time is spent reviewing existing telemarketing activities and current telemarketing strategies to understand what sales process modifications can be made to achieve immediate results. Practice sessions and the implementation of proven sales methodologies and skills allow sales reps to incorporate newly learned teleselling skills into their daily routine before face-to-face sales calls are made. Regardless of whether a physician has a long history and solid relationship and is satisfied with a product or is new to working with a particular pharmaceutical company, the skills taught in this class will help reps tap into more opportunities to drive revenue and exceed sales targets. The classroom environment is shaped by external experiences of the participants. Learning is reinforced via the use of interactive role plays, participant activities, group exercises, instructor lectures and student-driven feedback sessions. 

Telemarketing Strategies for Pharmaceutical Reps training participants will learn to:

  • Cold call more effectively to build the sales pipeline
  • Get past gatekeepers to reach physicians other healthcare professionals
  • Overcome the most common objections thrown out during cold calls
  • Analyze their current customer base and past telemarketing activities
  • Uncover new sources of revenue within their existing customer base
  • Understand buyer behavior and motivators
  • Adjust the telemarketing process based on buyer behavior
  • Utilize telemarketing strategies to aid the face-to-face selling process
  • Understand how external factors affect buyer behavior
  • Establish rapport and build chemistry during the sales process
  • Apply questioning strategies to uncover needs, priorities and concerns
  • Identify problem areas and potential solutions
  • Promote new products or services 
  • Create personal Feature, Advantage, Benefit statements 
  • Increase their closing ratio

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