We offer phone based sales training seminars in a private in-house format at the location of the customers choice. Public courses are also regularly scheduled as well across the United States and are available in Nevada cities like Las Vegas, Reno, and Carson City.

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Lead Generation Telephone Selling Skills

Buying and selling opportunities are created every minute of every day. New customer requirements, product enhancements, unforeseen circumstances and routine buyer needs all provide countless opportunities for telesales reps to uncover business and generate new sales. All these buying opportunities make it imperative that telesales reps carve time out of every single day to dial for dollars. An active and constantly expanding pipeline is crucial for any telesales or telemarketing professional who wishes to find and tap into new sales opportunities. Telesales reps must put into place daily and weekly activities and routines that enable them to keep their pipeline fresh while working on taking care of the needs of existing accounts. Our Lead Generation Telephone Selling Skills training workshop enables sales reps to increase sales numbers and account rolls by building a wider, more profitable list of accounts within their territory. 

This full-day session focuses on cold calling, account mining and warm lead follow-up strategies that telesales reps can incorporate into their daily routines to increase sales numbers. Lead Generation Telephone Selling Skills utilizes easy-to-use methodologies and numerous practice sessions to improve knowledge transfer and skill retention. Role plays, personal analysis activities, account penetration strategies and group discussions reinforce the learning process and enable participants to put skills to use during all sales activities. Additional time is spent understanding buyer types and various buyer behaviors and their effect on the sales process. At the end of the workshop, telesales and telemarketing reps will be able to utilize daily steps to build their pipeline and drive additional sales in new accounts.

Lead Generation Telephone Selling Skills participants will learn to:

  • Wisely tap into list-based sources of leads such as Business Journal lists 
  • Utilize the Internet to pursue new telesales opportunities 
  • Understand how buyer requirements affect the lead generation process
  • Utilize telesales skills to overcome objections when hunting for new opportunities
  • Establish rapport and build chemistry during the lead generation process
  • Build relationships to minimize objections during sales calls
  • Apply consultative sales skills to determine attitudes, situations and priorities
  • Adjust their telesales approach based on buyer discussions
  • Identify customer needs and potential solutions
  • Understand how lead generation fits into the telesales selling process
  • Recognize the most common objections faced during cold calls
  • Get past gatekeepers to reach decision makers
  • Overcome call reluctance and fear of rejection during the sales process
  • Build a more active pipeline of telesales opportunities

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Phone Sales/Telesales Training in Nevada

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