Rejections, objections and arguments are inevitable forces in telesales, be it with appointment setting, lead nurturing or live answering service. When challenged by these circumstances, a call center agent or professional telesales representative must be equipped with skills and wit to effectively handle the situation. They can manage these types of conditions through experiences, seminars, trainings and workshops.

Even though these cases are anticipated and are guided by scripts, actual situation is still different and, if God forbid, far worse. After all, every person is unique with each other. It is therefore a necessity to learn different efficient approaches and insights to cool down angry prospects.

Here are the top tips in competently governing irate customers:

1. Hone one's listening abilities.

Take a look at how famous hosts interview their guests, whether he/she is a commoner with extraordinary life or a big name holding a powerful seat. For instance, how did Oprah extract the inner feelings and perceptions of her interviewees? How did she manage to give meaty remarks and meaningful opinions? It is not only due to her sharp tongue and her commendable delivery. It is her listening skills that made her an outstanding TV host.

The same is true with call center agents. The first key in handling arguments is to listen attentively. The basic formula is listen > talk. With keen ears and mind, an agent must identify what things made the prospects pour vials of wrath. Though the agent might have the proper answers, it is not recommended to interrupt them. It might sound an intrusion and a violation of their rights of speech.

2. Instead of repeating, reword.
To confirm what the sales leads had said, it is better to rephrase than to repeat verbatim. This is so because prospects don't want to be told of something they have said. It makes their blood level rise. With paraphrasing, sales prospects will realize that agents just want to assure that they obtain accurate data.

During the entire conversation, telesales representatives ought to keep themselves calm, patient and persevering. They must remain talk in a composed tone to let the customer feel that they are doing the best they can to give solutions.

3. Make sales leads informed and educated.

There are really tough times that telesales representatives and customers don't just understand each other. Perhaps, there are some things wherein the prospects are confused or have misinterpreted. Instead of being impatient, call center agents must use such opportunity to inform and educate the prospects.

Telesales representatives must oblige themselves to relay relevant information and solutions that provide answers to existing or future problems. But then again, agents must not push for the sale. They should let the customers decide that one.

4. Debunk "Devil May Care" Attitude

Even if customers are sales-ready or have patronizing a firm's products and/or services for a long time, a simple act of "I don't care." from telesales representatives might result to a big leak in the sales pipeline.
When customers repeatedly call, telesales representatives must not think that the former are nuisance. Instead of ignoring them, agents ought to provide solutions to customers' problems, recurring or novel. When prospects don't know that there has been a problem, telesales representatives must give them awareness. Another rule in telesales, do not make sales leads wait for an answer.

If a bad situation exists, evasion is not the solution. The business organization must be conscious of such concerns.

The bottom line here is that when customers feel that they have been well served or taken care of by telesales representatives or call center agents, this is how they will feel about the company. So, make sure to hire a telesales company whose agents have those qualities.

Source: Belinda Summers link