Your job in telesales has really taken off. You've honed both your communication and sales skills until you have become one of the top telemarketers in your call centre. Telesales have been challenging and you have risen to meet that challenge. Now you are ready for advancement.
But, exactly what should the next step in your telesales career be?


For many telemarketers the next step in their telesales career is to become a call centre supervisor. Supervisors duties include, acting as a buffer between the telesales team and upper management, implementation of new policies and keeping records of sales, vacation and sick time and other small managerial duties. Most importantly the supervisor's job is to work directly with the sales staff and motivate and empower his team of sales representatives.

A telesales supervisor who has actually had telesales experience themselves may find they are uniquely qualified for many aspects of this new position. Having the experience of actually making a living in telesales, you know and understand the frustrations, challenges and joys of telesales work which can help him to pass on advice and help the sales staff increase their sales. You already have the communication skills to communicate clearly with both upper management and your sales staff, which may help the implementation of new policies go smoother.
Moving from a telemarketer to a telesales supervisor will create new challenges as well as help prepare you to become a manager within the next few years.

Telesales Trainer

Another possibility of advancement that may be the next step in some telemarketer's careers is that as a Telesales trainer. Some call centres are now actually offering telesales training for interested people who have the basic necessary telesales skills but, need to hone those skills to be effective at making those big sales.

A telesales trainer holds meetings, seminars and workshops for those wanting a career in telesales. They may also work one on one with promising telemarketers to help refine their skills and offer them tips and coach them in making telesales calls. As a telesales trainer you may work for your current company, apply as a trainer for another company or set up your own telesales training business.

For people who like working with people in both small groups and one on one this may be a great job with a lot of future opportunities. Becoming a telesales trainer can be both challenging and rewarding both career wise and personally.

Other Sales Opportunities

There are also other sales opportunities open to telesales personnel who have shown to be highly motivated individuals. Many telesales people move on to other sales jobs working face to face with the public in a variety of fields.

While some people think of telesales as a dead end job, the fact is that telesales is a fast growing career field and there are opportunities for advancement for those who are dedicated to working hard and making a success of their telesales careers.

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