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Essential Telemarketing Skills for Dell Account Executives

Business Week recently named Dell the best run-company in the technology industry. Dominating markets such as the home-PC market, a segment in which the company holds a 46% market share, Dell has increased revenues due to the success of its strong Telemarketing and Telemarketing selling efforts. Targeting various business segments, Dell Telemarketing account executives are part of one of the most successful Telemarketing organizations in the high tech industry, utilizing effective Telemarketing strategies and other sales methodologies to drive revenue and increase profit margin. Focused on selling via Dell s direct model, one that strives to pursue the most efficient path to its customers, Telemarketing account executives have a singular customer focus that drives value and provides a superior customer experience. Our Essential Telemarketing Skills for Dell Account Executives training program is designed to teach and put to use the most effective Telemarketing strategies in the high technology industry.

The two-day Essential Telemarketing Skills for Dell Account Executives training program provides a highly interactive, experience-driven workshop environment that reinforces the skills taught to succeed. Detailed discussions of the various customer types and the factors that affect customer behavior are central to the ability to increase Telemarketing efforts and reach revenue quotas as set by Dell management. The capability to adjust personal sales strategies, presentations, questioning techniques, proposals and benefit statements based on buyer types is also taught. Multiple videotaped roleplays enable Dell Telemarketing account executives to practice methodologies, tools and on the job skills that can be immediately put to use within hours of attending this program. Sales planning exercises are integrated into Essential Telemarketing Skills for Dell Account Executives program materials so as to reinforce the ability to apply learned skills into key accounts. Discussions on the differences between inbound and outbound Telemarketing situations are also discussed. The end result will be more effective sales efforts that enable Dell Telemarketing account executives to more effectively deliver on Dell s highly successful direct sales model.

Essential Telemarketing Skills for Dell Account Executives participants will learn to:

  • Understand their role in Dell s direct Telemarketing model
  • Focus on the advantage of selling value as well as competitive cost
  • Understand how to deal with different sales structures
  • Work with the needs of different buyer types within a company
  • Quantify the costs that may be incurred by a PC buyer subsequent to purchase
  • Identify opportunities to add value, peripherals and services to the sale
  • Apply questioning skills to determine buyer needs, situations and priorities
  • Identify problem areas and potential solutions
  • Create personal Feature, Advantage, Benefit statements for Dell products
  • Develop an advantage over their competition
  • Assess personal Telemarketing performance after each call
  • Understand the Telephone Selling Process
  • Recognize the factors that affect buyer behavior
  • Utilize new skills to build rapport with customers
  • Handle objections and unreasonable customer expectations
  • Wrap up calls and close the sale

"The course was excellent, a teacher did a great job. We have got enough good and useful information. "

Hanna Haravaya
Dallas Texas

"I enjoyed the opportunity to interact with my co-workers in a different environment. This program was very beneficial and I learned so much. The instructor was outgoing and she is good at what she does. She was professional, friendly, and made it very easy for us to ask her questions. With the new knowledge I gained from this program; I know it will help me become better at my job."

Leigh Tyler
Temple Inland
Sales Account Representative
Diboll, Texas

"My favorite part of the program was learning about the different behavioral profiles. The class was interesting and packed with so much useful information. The instructor kept our attention all the way through the class and she was a great motivational speaker. The program was more then what I expected. I would highly recommend this company and their programs to everyone."

Lesa Terrel
Temple Inland
Senior Product Coordinator
Diboll, Texas

"The portion of the program that I enjoyed the most was the SPORT model. The training staff did a great job on this presentation. It was a great experienced and I learned several things that I want to put into practice."

Ryan Kidder
Indicative Software
Account Executive
Irving, Texas

"My favorite portion of the program was learning about the different behavioral styles that people have. I felt that they was excellent on all aspects of this presentation. In addition to being extremely educational, they were very courteous and professional."

Delicia Phillips
P2 Energy Solutions
Inside Telesales Associate
San Antonio, Texas

The content fit the group in an excellent way. The instructor did a great job and kept the group with the subject.

Dave Metzee
Sales Manager
Lamons Gasket
Houston, Texas

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