One of the most frequently asked questions today is "does cold calling still work?" To answer this question in the affirmative would be to mislead people since we all know that this marketing strategy has seen many marketers abandon it in the recent years. Yet, to state a categorical "NO" would still not be correct since cold calling has been the bone and flesh of the marketing industry for a long time, and there are still some situations in which it works. To answer that question in the best way possible, the best thing to do would be to look at the subject with respect to businesses and customers.

Does cold calling still work for customers?

Keep in mind that the laws governing who you can cold call and who you cannot have been stiffening more and more. In the US, you can call people at their homes, but only between 8 am and 9 pm of that time zone. Also, many calls are screened and it's often difficult to reach a live person. On the other hand, calling on businesses may allow you to reach more live people.
So if you have a product that benefit given businesses, you may find yourself increasing your commission by calling them. You may still be stopped by the front desk gatekeeper from getting to decision makers. Just keep in mind that people dislike sales messages so make your approach in a manner that suggests what you are interested in is helping in case there is a problem related to your product.

How does cold calling still work for individual customers?

While the law does allow sales people to call people at their homes, consider using a system like Gryphon Networks who can identify and protect you from calling Do-Not-Call prospects. It's even more effective by developing leads who seek information from you first and then putting a call through to these prospects.

Develop a system that the customers will leave their message expressing a need for further information about your product. You would then freely call those that respond with the information they need and make use of the chance to put to practice your marketing language. This obviously changes the customer to a warm call, though. The best calls to make are the ones where they are calling you first and you are recommended by one of their friends.

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