Most people nowadays use the words 'Telemarketing' and 'Telesales' interchangeably, not because they mean the same thing, but precisely because they really have no idea which is which. And granting they do have one, its often used to describe activities that more often than not, cross over. They don't understand the fundamental value you can gather from each service. As of yet, that concept still escapes them. If you wish to maximize the potential of your telephone campaign, it's imperative that knowledge of the differences and how they can be used best to your business is indispensable.

Between Telemarketing and Telesales, historically speaking, Telesales is a much older term and is in fact just one component of Telemarketing. Although it's obvious they both utilize the telephone, that's also where the similarities end. Telesales and Telemarketing are in a manner of speaking, different activities respectively but here are a couple of key distinctions you should remember so as to properly identify which service to use for your business:

TELEMARKETING IS: A service that creates opportunities by generating interest, provides information, professionally presents your brand, product or services to potential customers, and considers customer feedback, sets appointments for potential customers and produces leads by telephone.

What can Telemarketing Do For You?

Immediate attention 
Have you ever tried ignoring a ringing phone? You probably can't ignore an SMS much less a ringing phone. Many have tried, none have succeeded. On the other hand, traditional means of advertising like radio promotions or advertisement including print ads (billboards, newspaper, magazine etc), unless it really gets your attention (like say, a half-naked lady), is easily forgotten once you've read it or seen it.

Instant sales conversions 
Telemarketers can immediately answer prospects as it establishes the conversation rights away. Primary advantage of telemarketing service is the two way communications. This makes it easier for prospects to understand the features of the product or service and in case questions or an inquiry about the product or services arises the customer can be answered promptly. Properly handled, this can even lead to sale in an instant.

Better customer relationship 
As it involves two way communications, telemarketing makes the business relationship between the customer and telemarketer a more personal and dynamic one.

you can easily change the existing marketing strategy at any given time to increase the results.

TELESALES IS: A service that sells your products or services directly to the customer by telephone. It converts the opportunities created by Telemarketing into business for your company. Since Telesales is just a component of Telemarketing, it's safe to say that it's also part of the advantages Telemarketing brings to a company.

So which one do you really need? Which can benefit your company to the fullest? Knowing the main difference between the two activities/services offered, you can choose which is specific to your company's needs. The choice that you make depends entirely upon the results that you wish to acquire. If you're good at speaking to prospects about your products and services, but are lacking contact with customers or customer interest, then you need help with Telemarketing. If you find it challenging to convert all that potential into business but you're not bad at attracting potential customers you need help with Telesales.

But semantics aside, the choice is clear. Telemarketing is the way to go for businesses who wants to maximize their earning potential and wants to be nowhere but on top. This method is modern and cost-efficient. Making the most out of less - telephone vs automobile as used in making sales calls. It doesn't get any clearer than that. One reason to switch to a telemarketing service is to reach a large majority of people in the shortest amount of time.
For small businesses, every dollar is lifeblood no self-respecting organization throws away. Small businesses do not advertise just for the sake of advertising. Instead, they want to get the most return for their investment. If your advertising campaign does not translate to greater sales and increased profits, then something is fundamentally wrong. Do your business a favor and go for Telemarketing. Think about it: small companies are considering it, successful businesses are already doing it. So why aren't you?

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