With a telesales script, you have people who either love them or hate them, there is no middle ground. There are a group of people who believe that a person reading a telesales script sounds absolutely computer-like and thus fails to make any impression on the consumer.

But on a personal level I believe that a right telesales script is one that separates the achievers from the non achiever.
There are high chances that if you are not reading out a script, then you may end up reading the same thing again and again, which is no case a good thing to do. Also when you do not plan out your responses to objections, red flags, and reflex responses which are an every day activity, then you will be left fumbling for a response.

I am not saying that you have to read a telesales script word by word, but it is very important that you know what to say and how to say the same. It is inevitable that you will be faced with opposition from the prospects so it is important that you know how to deal with such situations.

Here I have five key areas for which it is absolutely necessary that you have telesales script.

1. Gatekeeper scripts: there are proven scripts that can help you get passed gatekeepers without your call being screened any further. When you are asked the purpose of your call and your name and designation just give a crisp reply stating "Yes, please let him know that Ross Brigance with ABC Company is holding please."

Repeating the please does wonders! You will be able to get your call across and avoid at least 80 percent of ye screening, you have to try it, and it really works.

2. Reflex Negative Responses Scripts: it is pretty expected that the prospect will not be all ecstatic on receiving your call, there are high chances that he will tell that he is already dealing with a company, or that he dose not have any money or any need for the product on offer. You have to be prepared to deal with this negative response, the best way to go about it is to simply say "I know that sir, that is why I am calling" and after you have said this go on to list all the benefits and offers that you are offering him.

3. Voicemail Scripts: try out a voice mail message, it is very effective, but make sure that there are no unwanted fumbling such as umms and uhs in it.

4. Rebuttal Scripts: Most of the people fumble their way through rebuttals, which is absolutely unacceptable, it is very important that you must script your rebuttals.

Source: James Copper link