"They shoot telephone skills trainers, don't they?" That's a quote from my friend and colleague, Judy Laner, as she opened a speech on the subject of telephone sales training. Gosh! I wish I had said that.

Being a telephone sales workshop and class trainer and customer service representatives can be a wonderful, fulfilling experience, and at times, it can be a real challenge.

At a cocktail party I recently attended, a woman asked me, "What do you do?" I replied, "I'm in phone sale training and a course and seminar consultant on telemarketing script-writing." "Oh really," she said, and continued, "Are you training them not to call during my dinner parties with their absurd surveys and ridiculous offers?"

I took a couple of deep breaths and said, "In my telephone training seminars and classes, I do everything I possibly can to lessen the bad rap telemarketing gets from a few inconsiderate or misguided operators....It's a shame that a great and growing industry has to suffer because of the image those operators present to people like you.

You see, telemarketing involves much more than just calling to houses. It's the absolute hub of the entire sales world. The world is changing rapidly and although it's not perfect yet, we're doing our best with telephone skills training courses and workshops teaching phone sales techniques to make telemarketing a reputable and honored profession."

I could see she was losing heart in this conversation, so we drifted on to something less controversial to discuss.

I want to tell all phone sales training staff and telemarketers out there that I'm proud to be in telesales training, and I'm proud to stand up and tell anyone what we're doing to make it better. I hope you will join me.

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