When you are looking into jobs that you can do at home on your computer, one popular one is telesales. Many people are not even aware that this is a job that can be done at home, sitting in your pajamas with your feet propped up. There are many work from home careers that allow you to stay at home with the kids, and inbound and outbound telesales is one career that is fast growing in popularity.

Most people know what outbound telesales is. You work for a company that makes phone calls to residential houses for the purpose of a sale, survey or even simply to check up on a person's service, such as by a cable company. Many companies now employee independent contractors who work out of their homes to make phone calls. You will receive training via your computer, and once completed, you will be sent whatever computer program the company uses. Once installed, you will be able to make calls right from your own phone, using your computer to record the appropriate data. Don't worry, these programs are set up so that your home phone number does not come up, so there is no worry about giving it out.

Inbound telesales is a work at home job that is even more popular. With inbound telesales, you will answer calls that are made into the company. For example, a customer may see a kitchen appliance they would like to buy on a late-night infomercial. They call the toll-free number they see on the screen. They are then routed from the company to your computer at home.
Your special screen pops up on your computer and your telephone rings.
You take the call, type in the information on your screen, and log it. There! You have completed a sale for someone who may be thousands of miles away.

Telesales from home generally pays by the time that you are actually on the phone with a customer. However, there are a few jobs that do pay by the hour. Whichever one you find, telesales from your home is a lucrative job that has many perks, and is recommended by thousands of satisfied employees.

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