There are still plenty of people who do telesales. After all, the phone is a great tool for business. When you call your telesales prospect, do not sell. Instead, call with the idea in mind that you are partnering with the telesales prospect to help him or her solve a most pressing problem.

Imagine the telesales prospect is already waiting for your call and you are merely bringing the desired answer today. Announcing 3 amazing new steps to advance with telesales.

1. Focus on establishing a long-term relationship with your telesales prospects. Sincerely care about their needs, wants and desires as you conduct your telesales call. Instead of hurrying through the call, expect that the first call is simply to start building the relationship. It might be a call specifically aimed at getting 20 minutes for a private audience with the customer. Take things one step at a time so you develop a quality relationship with each telesales prospect.

2. Concentrate on making quality calls as compared with high volume, useless calls that target people who actually care nothing about your product/service. Sales is a numbers game. However, if you 'shotgun' call a bunch of unqualified telesales prospects, that is an ineffective, time consuming way to do telesales. Focus instead on getting a list where people have already warmly asked for information for your type of product or service. This will be a much better way to conduct your telesales campaign in the long run.

3. Treat each telesales prospect on an individual basis. Listen to their concerns and show them how to achieve their desired goals.

Source: Sean Mize