If you are new to network marketing or even if you are an experienced network marketer who isn't having the success you would like to be having.
I will show you a way to make your phone calls rejection free.

Many network marketers will practice a sales pitch that they use in every call. This is not the way to peak people's interest. Yes, you need to practice, but you do not want to try and "sell" your opportunity to your prospects. Instead, turn your call into an interview. No I'm not crazy. Think about it. You are going to spend your time and money training this person, shouldn't you make sure that they are a good fit for your team.

Here are a few good opening questions to ask your prospects:

Q: "[Bob], What is it that has driven you to this place, where you wanted to look for a business like this?"

Now, listen to their reply carefully. The answer will tell you a lot about this person, if you just listen.

Q: "Why is it you are looking for a business, at this time in your life?"
When you use, "at this time in your life," it causes them to get personal with you and it creates good rapport between you. You need to care about what drives this person, so listen carefully to what they have to say.

Here are some qualifying questions you need to ask:

Q: Are you content with where you are right now? Or Do you want something more out of life?

You will want to pay close attention to their answer to this question. In
Network Marketing, we are looking for the 3%'ers. What is a 3%'er you ask? Well 3%'ers are those people who are driven and motivated to succeed. The go-getters, these are the people who will do what it takes to become successful. You see, 97% of people in this world are not the go-getters. The other 3% are. They want something more out of life and are driven and willing to work for what they want to achieve. These are the people you want on your team.

If you think your prospect is a 3%'er, you can continue the conversation, if they are not. Politely end the call.

Here's your next qualifying question:

Q: "What kind of income are you looking to generate in a business of your own?"

You are looking for big thinkers, people with high goals. So if they say, "I would like to make an extra $10,000/month."

Your follow-up question would be:

Q: Ok, [Bob], Can you see yourself making that much money?
If they can't see themselves doing it, well it probably will never happen for them. Their answers will tell you a lot about that person. The best thing you can do is to listen carefully to the answers. People's answers will help you to decide if they are a good fit for your team.

Now, if they can see themselves making that kind of money, continue with the interview. 
This next question will surprise the prospect and you will get very honest answers from people when they are unprepared for the question.

Q: Alright, [Bob], Other than money, What are you looking for out of a business like this?

Most people have probably never been asked this question before. In fact, you will most likely get this answer from them, "I have never been asked that question before." This will help you to create a more personal relationship with this person. Sometimes they will even ask, "What do you mean?"

You can answer with this question:

Q: "Well money is just dirty paper, What is the extra money going to do for you?"


Q: "Beyond the money, What is it you are looking for?"

People's answers will vary for this question, but it gets them thinking about how extra money could change their lives. And really that is the goal of Network Marketers, to change as many lives as we can, for the better of course and to make our lives better while doing this.

These questions will help you to uncover the reason why, they are looking into a home business. 
If you use this call script and start asking questions, the right way. You will see a dramatic improvement in the quality and quantity of your team.

Source: Ian Belanger link