Telemarketing and Telesales, although two very separate entities, are quite commonly confused. Whilst Telemarketing and Telesales each require a different set of skills and qualities, they also have lots in common, and can very often be linked in lots of ways.

Basically Telemarketing services are used to promote product awareness, and generate interest in a product or service. Telesales, on the other hand, is used to sell a particular product or service.

Telemarketing as a service, can include many different aspects; from appointment and lead generation, to a simple and professional company, product, or service introduction. Telemarketing is best used to raise company profiles and generate interest in a product or service. Very often the results from a good telemarketing campaign can create lots of valuable sales opportunities.

Telesales is a service which is a direct sale of a product or service, where as the telemarketer will make the appointment the Telesales team will then follow up and close the sale.

Telemarketing requires a very good level of people skills, and a very good, experienced Telemarketer will be able to drive a campaign in a confident, persistent, and professional manner without sounding sales driven.

The main function of a Telemarketer is to build up a solid relationship with the client, and providing that the foundations have been built correctly by the telemarketing team, they can prove to be priceless to the sales team.

Very often Telemarketing and Telesales are conducted by the same company, which in most cases proves to be very successful. All of the administration and communication is completed in house which makes for a very tidy and professional job.

Any target driven sales campaign will benefit from the skills of Telemarketing or Telesales professionals, and both professions have often resulted in an expanded company profile, and more importantly expanded company profits.

Often being the very first representative of a company, it is essential that you choose the correct telemarketer to represent you company in the way you wish, and we all are well aware that first impressions and client confidence are the best foundations for lasting business partnerships.

Source: Julie Davies link