If you are still starting out in the art of telesales, chances are you have already gone through dozens of rejections. Most call center representatives that cater to telesales receive dozens of rejections each day and one of the primary reasons why they keep getting rejections is that they sound like they want to sell something. Selling something is not bad, but if done incorrectly will make your prospects will be very annoyed by the way you deliver your sales pitch.

In order for your telesales pitch to be a successful one, try not to sound like a telesales representative. How is this possible? Here are some tips you can try in order to improve on telesales your company's goods effectively.

1. Utilize a good script

A good script is always necessary for any telesales representative. With a good script, you may be able to answer almost, if not all questions and rejections that your sales leads will throw at you. But knowing and memorizing the script is only part of the process. The other part of the process is being able to practice it. Just like an actor practices their roles in movies and TV shows, you can practice your script through a number of ways such as recording your voice and listening to it. Practice the script in front of a mirror, or with a friend or an acquaintance in order to let you know what would be the things that needs improvement on the way you deliver your script. Also, the tone of voice plays a major role when saying your script to your sales leads. If you sound too robotic then your lead will not be interested at all with whatever you are offering them.

2. Overcome major objections

Objections will always be there and right now there is no real way to stop them. Instead, there are techniques to overcome these objections and turn the tables around from a prospect that is not interested to a certified customer.

One way to overcome objections is to start the call by asking your leads "Would this be a good time to call?" This question would tell your prospects that you value your time and would therefore let you know that if the prospect is willing to listen to what you have to say. When your prospect says "No, now is not the right time," just ask them when would be the perfect time for you to process a callback and also to put their names and contact information within your follow-up list.

3. Always build rapport

Whenever you see that opportunity, build rapport whenever you can. Make sure that it will not be a one-sided conversation that will only leave you the one who is talking on the phone. Probing is one way to build rapport as it gets people to talk more. Probing questions like in the form of asking questions about their family, personal interests, or even the weather can make great rapport building material. The longer that you can keep your lead's attention the better since their interest will continue to rise as they keep on talking. But as a reminder, don't stray too far from the topic. If you stray too far, make sure that you can find yourself back on the main topic of discussion.

These tips will help you in your telesales campaign to be a successful one. If you want to study more about how professional telesales representatives work, you can try outsourcing your telesales services to another company as they are already trained professionals as well as you can gain lots of tips and tricks of the trade when you want to market your goods to your consumers through the telephone.

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