I have worked in telesales and customer service for over four years. My career was then flourishing before I decided to quit and focus more on my writing. I began in the telesales industry from the bottom of the ladder as an agent, then was a supervisor, then was a trainer and reached the peak of my telephone services career to be an operations manager. It was fun then.

I am writing this article to provide more information to people who are currently in the telesales job or people who are planning to start a career in telesales.

Telesales, like other jobs require patience, however, in this one you need a huge one. There were moments when you want to just scream out loud and tell the world, "I don't deserve this!" But really the people you encounter on the telephone are also human beings and they can be classified into groups and each group you can handle quite good if you follow the techniques on how to.

Rude Customers - Whether you are working inbound or outbound telesales. You will encounter these people A LOT. Inbound-wise, these are the people who seems to be itching to get out as quickly as possible and then will begin curses and treat you like an idiot. Of course we all know we are no idiots, and so are they. However, these people wants fast service and you should learn how to provide that in time. When people begin to curse you or call you names you wish they would never say and is just deflating your self-esteem, simply take a deep breath and never curse back or mention things that can ignite the fire. Remember, the more sales you close the more money goes in your pocket. Use the money or salary to motivate you should you encounter very rude customers.

Always Cannot Hear You Well Customers - Remember that communication is two way, do not assume that all you say to your customers are comprehended 100 percent since this is a telephone conversation. More often, customers might be in front of their computers or watching something in the television or the worse, doing something which requires their attention. These customers are often those who seem to not hear you well.
If the telephone line are clear and you know they are not of old age. Please do not assume they have hearing problems. Maybe these people are just busy.

However, it is also evident that if you ask them if they are busy, they will always say yes. Of course! It is 2010 even a 10 month old baby can be busy now. If people begin to ask you to repeat things just do so, repetition is not bad as long as they are the one asking you to do so. But when you repeat something, try rephrasing the sentence to ensure they can comprehend what you are saying the next time you say it. Again, they are not deaf, they are just not focused with you 100 percent.

Not interested - these are firm in their belief that anything you offer them on the phone they are not interested in. More often, you will recognise this type of people if they mentioned they are not interested over 2 times. Even you rebut and offer more discounts or perks to catch their attention, they are just not interested.

My advice is to never spend too much tie convincing them, this is like trying to turn metal into air. Simply give your courtesy close and thank them and move on to the next call. I have encountered many agents in my trainings before who gets discouraged by these type of people, but really they are a lot out there. Even if your delivery of the product scripts is perfect and persuasive, it is just near to impossible to convince them. Do not be discouraged, rather accept the fact that they exist and be positive that there are those who are very interested also.

Source: Pat Bagano link