No matter how careful we are in safekeeping valuable and confidential business data, accidents do happen. Computer and server shut downs can occur either due to man-made incidents or natural causes. To counteract the unanticipated and account for the unavoidable, many businesses are being frugal about data security and use business continuity solutions to keep their operations up and running even in emergency situations.
Safekeeping and backing up business data are crucial and several organizations are implementing disaster recovery programs to prepare for possible computer, server or workplace shutdown as the outcome of a calamity or an accident.

Experts have forecasted that the international market for disaster recovery solutions will rise to about $40 billion in the next five years. This is the reason why many disaster recovery products and services are being offered today by thousands of IT technology companies. However, with stiffer competition in the high-tech sector, a lot of IT businesses and managed service providers are faced with the challenge of generating disaster recovery solutions sales leads.

Choosing and implementing the right marketing method to obtain sales leads can take considerable amount of time and resources not only in the IT sector, but in other industries as well. One other thing is that many IT businesses neglect marketing and forget that it is an essential business activity that they must give proper attention to. Since most technology businesses are founded by technologists, consultants and engineers, there is limited or very little know-how from leaders and executives when it comes to efficiently marketing IT solutions like disaster recovery. Furthermore, the mere mention of "sales" and "marketing" usually puts off most IT professionals.

Fortunately, IT business owners and leaders who have little or no inclination to carry out critical marketing projects can now breathe a sigh of relief. IT sales lead generation and appointment setting campaigns can be launched faster and easier with help from IT telesales companies. Whether you are trying to generate leads for data back-up products and services or trying to market enterprise disaster recovery solutions to top-level CIOs, professional IT telesales representatives can provide you the help that you need.

Reputable IT telesales firms employ technology sales lead specialists who have the experience and the right skill set for calling and speaking with key decision-makers in the high-tech industry. These IT-focused telephone lead generators have the marketing smarts as well as a broad understanding of the IT business. They can help your company drive IT telesales opportunities globally and fill your sales pipeline with better-qualified disaster recovery sales leads.

Letting the professionals manage and carry out the lead generation task is not only a smart decision, but is also practical choice. Choosing to hire an IT telesales lead generation firm can be advantageous to all size technology businesses, especially for start-up or small technology service providers that probably have limited marketing resources to implement an extensive lead generation campaign. Instead of spending a considerable amount of time and money on training your IT people to advertise and sell your services or products, you gain instant accessibility to the telesales firm's resources such as databases and telephone marketers. Moreover, IT telesales offers the flexibility and scalability for you to develop the most appropriate cold calling and prospecting program for your solution.

With so many technology and managed services telesales companies available everywhere, it is very important to weigh your options carefully.
Do your homework on researching your telesales choices and narrow down your candidates based on their telesales reputation, references, experience and scope of services.

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