If you are looking for a job in telesales and don't know where to begin there are a variety of resources you can use to find local telesales jobs. Here are some of the resources you can try.

Start With Your Local Newspaper

One of the best places to begin any local job hunt is your local newspaper. Telesales jobs are no exception. While not all companies who have telesales opening will advertise in the papers some do and this is always a great way to start.

Check Online Resources

There are many online sites that post telesales job openings. Some of these sites are better than others at keeping their job lists current but, this can be a good place to explore and at least discover which companies in your locale hire telesales personnel. Even if there are not any current job openings with some of these companies they may be willing to keep your application on file and call you if they have an opening.


By going to telesales seminars, attending training sessions and in effect networking with other telesales people you can often get a line on telesales job opportunities before they are made public. This may give you the opportunity to apply for that telesales job before the company becomes swamped with applications. When networking make sure you keep your ears open and let it be known that you are looking for a telesales job in your area.

Put Your Resume Online

There are some good online sites where companies go to find resumes of people experienced in the types of jobs they will have available. This gives companies an opportunity to pick and choose the employees they want to interview without having to go through a stockpile of applications. Posting your telesales resume online may not get you that local job but, it is one more resource that you can use to increase your chances.

Advertise Yourself

With many companies adopting the new trend of hiring at home telesales personnel, it wouldn't hurt to advertise for such a position yourself. Working from home even for a distant company is one way of making sure that your telesales job is local.

Visit An Employment Agency

You can also visit your local employment agency. These agencies often have job listings for a variety of jobs, telesales among them. This is an excellent resource for those who are new to an area or simply want to find the right job locally.

Finding a local telesales job may take some dedication and effort on your part. In some areas there will be several such jobs available, in other areas telesales opportunities may be few and far between. Only by being preserving and using every resource available to you can you home in to find that great local telesales job.

Now is a great time to explore your options, check out the jobs that are available, the companies that use telesales and to start networking to increase your chances of finding a job.

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