Want cold calling tips that will break the monotony of cold calling? Sure there is profit to be found in prospecting calls but when success comes from using the same script over and over again how do you maintain the ability to sound fresh with each and every call?

Keeping calls fresh is tough to do but critically important to your success.
Spice things up a bit. Your prospects do not need to know what all you are doing but your brain needs a fresh perspectives.

- Put on a pair of goofy glasses with a mustache under the nose. You can pick them up for a song at a toy or costume store. Slip them on just before you dial and expect a smile to play across your lips. Do not be surprised when you can hear the prospect smile back.

- Slide your chair away from the phone. Pretend as though you are sitting in a chair. Not only will this be a work out for your muscles but you will rise to the challenge of focusing intently upon your prospect's every word as your feel a burn in your buns.

- Be ready for action with a pen in hand hovering over a calendar or thumb-ready over your electronic calendar. This position of readiness will convey a sense of expectation. Then, do not be surprised when your prospect responds and schedules time with you.

- Lock your hands behind your neck, press your elbows against a door frame, breath deeply. The first time I tried this one I got so dizzy I wondered if something was wrong with my health and I called the doctor.
Turns out we are a society of shallow breathers who rarely get the oxygen we really need for optimal health. Take 5 deep breaths in through your nostrils. Exhale through your mouth. The oxygen will elevate your mood and add strength to your voice.

- Follow every successful call with another prospecting call. The sense of exhilaration gained from one successful call will carry to the prospect on the next call. You will feel the sweet sensation of riding the crest of the wave of success!

Is boredom keeping your from your personal best with prospecting? Blast through that barricade. Master these cold calling tips.

Source: Leslie Buterin link