Telesales has played a very important role in increasing revenue and expanding market share for many businesses all over the world. It may have earned a bad reputation for itself from the general public's viewpoint, however, in the B2B realm; telesales continues to help companies generate sales every day. In fact, it is becoming more popular today even for smaller businesses because of its proven cost efficiency and effectiveness. This is the reason why the telesales industry thrives amidst state and federal laws and telesales services providers remain in business.

In general, outbound telesales activities are implemented by all companies following the same pattern. The campaigns may vary a little depending on the nature of the business but the entire concept stays the same. All telesales representatives are required to make calls based on scripts and specifications set by the company being represented. The calls are made to sell products/services to customers and prospects, set appointments or meetings for product demos, and determine current market trends for product development.

Being able to successfully outsource telesales services depends on the following:

Lead quality. Industry and location are just some of the few factors that determine lead quality. Lead generation should be carried out by someone that has extensive knowledge of the market being targeted. Targeted lists can be obtained from business list providers, government agencies, public records, online Yellow Pages, etc.

Skills. The agent's skills contribute significantly to the success of a cold-calling campaign. Telesales representatives should have the ability to deal with different customer behaviors and be able to come up with statements that will draw the customer or prospect's attention. They should be able to respond to whatever questions or concerns people might have about the offer or the call itself. It is also important to have good product knowledge and confidence in whatever is being offered in order to overcome rejections and objections efficiently. Improvisation and creativity are weapons that can help telesales representatives in their calls.

Goal-Setting. The telesales company as well as their agents should set sales goals and deadlines to keep the campaigns moving to the right direction. Leaders and representatives should work together towards reaching targets even if this means putting in extra hours and providing incentives for those who work hard and perform well.

Keeping a positive a mindset. Telesales poses different challenges to salespeople. It is important to keep a positive mindset in order to conduct efficient cold-calling. An organized and harmonious workplace affects the way salespeople think and perform. Their motivation and optimism not only come from their own will to succeed but also from the way they are treated by their leaders.

In the telesales industry, cold-calling success is defined by being able to mix together a bunch of different things like lead quality, phone marketing skills, performance, leadership, communication and many more. If a campaign misses one of these, it is very likely to yield little or no results. Failure is painful, but it can be avoided and risks can be reduced by taking into consideration the factors mentioned above. Outsource your telesales needs to a well rounded company.

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