Telesales jobs are usually very abundant, there are even some where you can work from right at home. There are many industries that use this type of sales tactics. These types of jobs were much more available before the popularity of the internet blew them out of the water.

What Kind Of Jobs Are They

Basically telesales jobs require that you sit at a desk and call people. The goal of the job is to sell products or services. Usually the employee will wear a headset that has headphones and a microphone that is plugged into a phone system. Typically the job requires that the employee sits at their desk for their entire shift calling people to try to get them to buy the product or the service.

These jobs are perfect for folks that can not be on their feet for long periods of time or for folks that can not lift heavy objects.
It is easier for some people to sell over the phone than it is for them to sell in person. There is a certain amount of anonymity when you are on the phone that allows people to feel protected from ridicule or rejection.

The phone system that the telesales jobs use is usually an automatic dialer that dials out the phone numbers automatically. There is usually a computer screen that sits on the desk in front of the telesales personnel and on the computer screen the information regarding the caller will pop up and provide the telesales person with the information regarding who the automatic dialer has called. This way the telesales person can address the person that has been called by name.

Pay Rates

The pay rates usually vary by location, but almost always have some sort of commission incentive attached to it after all the jobs are telesales jobs and just like any other sales job it is based on sales performance. Typically the base pay is going to be right around minimum wage, it might pay a little more for folks that have some experience. Generally the salaries climb with experience and a proven track record.

Most of the shifts for telesales jobs are set up as part time shifts there are not many full time employees in these types of positions, so benefits like health insurance and other types of non salary benefits are usually not available.

Telesales jobs are a great way to make money for students and homemakers who want to bring in extra income. They can also lead to a career if you are willing to stick it out.

Source: Nicholas Markovitz