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Telephone Tips for Dealing with Difficult Customers

Anyone who has spent a considerable amount of time pounding the pavement in the sales industry wishes that customers could always be easy to deal with during sales calls and account maintenance activities. Unfortunately, as any sales rep can tell you, even the most successful sales professionals must deal with difficult customers who harbor aggression, provide unreasonable expectations, demand impossible deadlines and act unprofessionally. Dealing with difficult customers is one of the realities of telephone sales, particularly when some customers simply refuse to take sales calls via the telephone. Understanding how to deal with difficult customers, defuse conflict and turn uncomfortable situations into positive selling opportunities is one of the most important skills a Telemarketing rep can learn. Our two hour Telephone Tips for Dealing with Difficult Customers overview workshop provides new and seasoned Telemarketing and telemarketing reps with insight and strategies to overcome difficult customer situations and uncover selling opportunities within their territory.

Designed as a fast-paced yet informative two-hour session, the Telephone Tips for Dealing with Difficult Customers overview training program focuses on the several time-tested methodologies, customer motivation theories and Telemarketing selling skills that can be implemented in nearly every sales call. Regardless of whether a customer is upset over a stumble in service or is simply being difficult for the sake of being difficult, the concepts taught in this class will help defuse negative situations and empower Telemarketing reps to rebuild trust and rescue relationships. This can often be done by uncovering and meeting the hidden needs and desires that different buyer types have in the telephone sales process Participants will learn about Telemarketing skills via two group exercises that enable participants to learn skills they can implement in their accounts. Instructor and peer-driven question and answer sessions enable participants to share personal experiences with each other to improve the Telemarketing process. 

Telephone Tips for Dealing with Difficult Customers participants will learn to:

  • Understand what motivates people
  • Work with the needs of different buyers found in the Telemarketing process
  • Utilize Telemarketing strategies to improve personal sales skills and activities
  • Understand how various external factors can affect buyer behavior
  • Establish rapport and build chemistry during the Telemarketing process
  • Defuse conflict and handle the most unreasonable customers
  • Determine stress factors, attitudes and priorities
  • Adjust the Telemarketing process based on buyer behavior
  • Identify problem areas and potential solutions
  • Create personal Feature, Advantage, Benefit statements to offer solutions
  • Work with others in the sales organization to handle difficult situations
  • Assess personal ability to defuse conflict during each sales call
  • Overcome customer reactions to cold calls
  • Handle sales objections and turn them into positive sales opportunities
  • Turn more interactions into closed sales

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