This telesales tip will stop you getting the objection: Send me some information. You could be causing this common objection, which stops many sales and appointments, with just one word that you are using on your calls. Take out this one word and increase your results while making your job a lot easier. It worked for my sales team and it can do the same for you.

As a sales manager I encourage my team to take note of the objections and responses they get on their telephone calls to telesales prospects. This is a great way to constantly improve your sales skills, and pick up telesales and appointment training that you will not find in books or on call center training courses. A really effective way to improve your results is to note the sales objections that come in response to the sales closes that you use.

Listening to the objections and answers prospects give, in response to sales pitches and the closing lines used, was how I found this unique telesales tip. Sometimes you can hear reactions and objections that prospects make and you notice a pattern. If several prospects are giving the same objections in response to your telesales close then you should consider making changes to your closing line or your sales pitch.

Some reactions and responses from prospects are logical and you can see why they happen. For example, if you try and close appointment calls by asking a closed question such as: Would you like to meet so we can discuss it further, you logically expect a yes or no answer. Once you notice this you might decide to change your closing line to an alternative question such as: Which day would be best for you, Monday or Tuesday. That will reduce the number of No's that you get.

Other objections and responses do not make apparent logic. One of those illogical responses is the one I noticed my sales team getting when they included the word interested in their telesales and appointment setting calls. Some would use the word interested in their introduction with lines such as: I'm calling to see if you are interested in...

Many used it as they tried to close the call and gain agreement to a sale or a sales appointment. A typical trial close was: Is that something you would be interested in...

When the word interested was used in either sales calls or appointment calls, I noticed that many prospects responded to the closing line with a request to be sent some information. I checked my theory by comparing the number of prospects that asked for information across a wide range of sales and sales appointment calls. I recorded responses and objections from calls with some using the word interested and others not. The results were conclusive, an above expected number of prospects, for both telesales calls and sales appointment calls, responded by asking to be sent information if the word interested was used during the call.

If your telesales or appointment setting calls are often stopped by people asking you to send them information take a look at what words you are using on your calls. Try using this telesales tip and taking out the word interested and see what a difference it makes.

Source: Stephen Craine link