The employment rate of the citizens in America has a lot of bearing on the global telesales market. That is the consensus among the BPO experts belonging to various sections of the business process outsourcing community. There are a number of ways in which the two-digit unemployment percentage is a cause for concern not just for the public welfare departments in USA. The telesales industry is looking at this rising graph of unemployment and economic depravity with a lot of concern and apprehension. There are serious reasons why this is so. In fact, the reasons are varied and diverse and if you change your point of view, you can see both sides of the coin.

From the perspective of the offshore BPO sector, the rising unemployment means lesser number of customers to sell to. With the citizens making concentrated efforts to tide over the rough phase by making do with whatever they have. They are receiving benefits from the government and also living on their savings. In such a scenario, approaching them for luxury purchases is nothing short of making a mockery of their condition. The telesales lead generation team of the offshore telesales centers finds it tough to generate leads with the economic condition of the country in such a sorry state. Most clients who outsource from USA also want their consumers to come from the country. But it's becoming increasingly difficult for these offshore telesales center services to cater to their demands.

This leads us to the scenario when the clients are no longer willing to bear the expenses of telesales services that don't yield the desired results.
When they are investing money to get the telesales center on hire, they are expecting favorable returns on investment. In the absence of that, they either feel it's a bad idea to have used an offshore BPO unit, or they decide to move ahead with another telesales center. In either case, the loss is that of the telesales sector. The lack of projects to work on will soon drive these offshore firms to slice their BPO service. In other words, they will try to go against the rising inflation. They will hope to survive by cutting down on expenditures and manpower. That would finally mean poor telesales center services and further stagnation in terms of projects.

There is another angle to this problem. Several business firms are keen on using the domestic telesales center units to get their telesales work done. The lay off and unemployment status of the country bothers them to no ends. They cringe to continue with offshore BPO units while the domestic telesales centers sit idle. It's not the taxes or the political motives that will convince them to use the domestic telesales services. But the feeling of patriotism will. And the price of getting work done in the USA is lower than what it was. Lack of answering service or other projects has convinced the laid off employees that the only way they can head back to work is through a compromise on their pay packet.

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