A measures that societies evolve, also develops marketing, telesales is a form of marketing a product (tangible or intangible) by telephone. The applications of Telesales are many and are only limited by our creative capacity. Today in the United States one thing is certain, if you do not have a system of Telesales is as abandoned as sellers if they do not make personal visits to their clients. In Europe, the Telesales met its first phase in the years 78-85, the character of this stage of development is the need to give credibility to the system among the managers of company.

Entrepreneurs do not believe in the effectiveness of the phone as a tool of their strategies of marketing, the first company that used telesales in Europe were IBM, KODAK, RANK, XEROX, AMEX, 33M. After the success of the first tests, the telesales rep was developed in Europe beginning with Britain after France, Germany, and the Benelux countries and, at present, implementation is popular in Italy and Spain.


Telesales is the sole means in the field of marketing, which establishes a dialogue between the sender and the receiver, any person can talk on the phone, but communicate by telephone requires a large dose of creativity. A telephone conversation has to be a dialogue, not a monologue Radiated, we went to people with names and surnames that they are willing to listen and be recognized, hence the importance of a good argument by telephone.

Unlike other media in the field of Direct Marketing, a telesales campaign can change the communication depending on the response we get.

At each stage of the campaign, comparing the results obtained with the objectives previously set, you can control the development, analysis of the benefits, identify errors and modify the planning for subsequent phases.

Telesales action can be implemented in a matter of hours, and the pace of the campaign is ticking in terms of response and the needs of the client.

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