Telesales, where marketing is done over the telephone, usually fall under the category of cold calling, which means people did not expect at all the call coming from the telesales professional. Regarded as a numbers game, most telesales end up in rejection, making it a tough game to play. Hence, those who remain standing after the first few days of cold calling are the tough ones who withstood all kinds of refusals.

Stop playing the numbers game. Success in telesales is not about making more calls and hoping to get lucky. Success in telesales means winning more sales so make yourself a winner using these simple telesales tips.

Be prepared.
Just like the student who comes to class prepared, make sure you already did your homework before you start "dialing". You know exactly what to say to your prospective customer and you can provide answers to any question about the product or service that you are offering. At the end of the day, you should be leading the pack for coming in prepared.

Make a good first impression.
The only way you can engage the prospect in a worthwhile conversation is if you have made a positive first impression. People will not stay longer on the phone to talk with you if they find you too pushy or you sound unfriendly. Put as smile when making calls and your voice will sound pleasing and friendly. Wearing a smile helps you project a professional image.

Personalize your script.
Using a sales script is good but it works best if you personalize your script to make it suitable to your selling style. Personalizing your script also makes your selling sound conversational and natural. That way you become a more effective salesperson. Practice rehearsing your script to perfection. Consider all the possible scenarios that you might encounter so you can deal with them convincingly.

Avail of training opportunities.
There are a lot of selling techniques that you could learn and there are always new ideas to improve telesales efforts but you can't learn them all by yourself. Companies usually provide sales training so take advantage of every opportunity to be trained to be a successful telesales professional.

Handle objections effectively.
Set yourself apart by turning objections into sales opportunities. A prospect's objection may be "fake" so do not fall for that trap. Find out if it is a valid or true objection by asking questions until you get to the one true objection that stands in your way to close the deal.

Source: Heinrich Churchill link