Telesales is a very important element in the marketing of any business, product and services. However, it needs to be combined with certain strategies to get good output.

Below are some points which play a vital role for inbound or outbound telesales services:

1. Creativity - Creativeness gives an extra edge to anything, if you will use telesales campaign creatively then it is pretty much sure that you can see good output. Telesales can be used actually for market research, sales prospecting, test new offers, motivate resellers, lead generation, appointment setting, customer service surveys, sales promotions, and for other purposes where outgoing phone calls are necessary.

2. Agents Knowledge - In telesales, the calling agents must know all about your business and should be very well aware of your aim. The person making the call is properly briefed & trained. This is very important element in telesales campaign.

3. Way of Talking - Try to match telesales staff people for calling. If necessary, train telesales staff to identify the type of person they are speaking to and adjust their tone and manner accordingly.

4. Technology - Need to have right kind of technology, to achieve desired results. And all users must required proper guidance and training for the technology systems which are being used for campaign and backup plan is always required if technology fails in mid of sales call.

5. Motivation - Motivation is always required in any kind of work, it really speed up the process of work for good results. If your staff is highly motivated then it will definitely help to achieve quality results. At some points the motivated staff can make the most of every opportunity, such as turning complaints into happy customers.

6. Obtain Potential Customer Contacts - In telesales, if you have the potential customers contacts list then your lead generation probability will always remain at high. Because calling those persons who are not likely to buy your products and services, will only waste your time and resources and moreover it will also decrease the enthusiasm of your agents. So, try to call those people more who may already aware about your products and brand. And also putting some interest in your product and services.

7. Need Good Training - A well trained staff will always give you hectic free output, means if your customer service representatives (CSRs) are trained properly about the products, services and your technology systems then agents can easily satisfy the customers.

8. Need to have a Good Script - After all telesales is a direct marketing activity with all the benefits that bring for testing, adopting and measuring results. If a script or approach is not working, do not be afraid to change the approach and try again.

It s true, telesales services are the perfect solution for every business if you are running these services with proper strategy and for right reasons. Telesales services can drive sales, increase customer interaction, and boost overall marketing efforts. With telephone center costs currently the lowest they've been in several years, it's a great time to consider whether your business could benefit from outsourcing outbound calls or need to have in-house call center.

Source: James McGuire link